Pushkin Public Relations Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

No one survives their first 10 years in business without a few ups and downs. If you are smart enough to take the advice of family, friends, mentors, colleagues and clients, you can ride that roller coaster to a successful conclusion and get ready for the next 10.

Listening, learning and adjusting are valuable skills for any entrepreneur. Being able to roll with the punches is important. So is a little luck. In the 10 years since we started, we've grown from a solo practice in a home office to a corporate office and a virtual firm. The one constant has been great clients who we can work for with integrity that consistently challenge us to do our best work.

In honor of this 10-year milestone, Pushkin Public Relations is making a $10,000 in-kind donation to the Denver office of Facing History and Ourselves, a nonprofit organization that makes history relevant by teaching students about racism and tolerance to help future societies avoid the mistakes of the past: www.facinghistory.org