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Category: Crisis Communications

Musicians, especially solo acts and “front men” who need to keep the audience amused while they change a broken string or the band argues about what song to play next, can…
A crisis can lead to a loss of trust or a loss of life. It could be discrimination, workplace violence, terrorist attacks, cybercrime, whistleblowers, lawsuits, recalls, environmental damage, natural disasters, or mismanagement.

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PUSHKIN PR WINS SILVER AWARD FROM BMA COLORADO DENVER – (MAY 11, 2017) Pushkin Public Relations received a 2017 Silver Key Award from the Colorado Chapter of the Business…
Pushkin Public Relations received a 2017 Silver Key Award from the Colorado Chapter of the Business Marketing Association (BMA) for Denver PrideFest: A Sudden Shift in Focus.

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Category: Public Relations

Those working in Public Relations know how important it is to be versatile and ready for anything. From creative social media strategy to finding the perfect person to pitch a…
We’ve come up with the five best tools PR experts should always have up their sleeve and ready to use at a moment’s notice.

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