When Jon Pushkin founded our Denver public relations firm, he wanted to work clients whose missions align with Pushkin PR’s and whose visions we are proud to support. That’s why we love working with local and national nonprofit organizations on all types of public relations campaigns.

Creating public relations strategies for nonprofits requires a slightly different approach and experience communicating with multiple stakeholders, such as boards, volunteers, donors and corporate sponsors, as well as the public. With nonprofits, the mission is at the forefront and usually guides the communications strategy, but the message needs to speak to every relevant audience.

Nonprofits tend to have more spokespeople than other types of organizations, and many of them will be responsible for sharing the message with the public, potential donors, sponsors and partners and the media. To ensure every spokesperson is on point, we conduct comprehensive message training with anyone who has a touch point outside the organization.

Doing PR for nonprofits, we have also gotten quite knowledgeable about the best ways to stretch a dollar, how to solicit assistance from compatible organizations, leverage our existing relationships and harness the exponential power of the Internet.

Our technique for nonprofit public relations is effective, and we have had the opportunity to work on many successful campaigns. Let’s talk about what we can do for your organization.

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