Thursday Three: New Colorado Media Outlet Surpasses Fundraising Goal, WeWork Bans Meat and the Stats that Say You’re Reading This Blog on your iPhone

Jul 19, 2018

Each week on The Thursday Three with Pushkin PR we share three news stories that captivated our attention during the week ranging from public relations and social media trend updates to the relevant news in the industries we serve including healthcare, nonprofits, government and festival clients.


If you’re reading the news, you’re probably using your iPhone

Poynter: A majority of Americans get news on mobile devices

While it is no shock that 98 percent of Americans use the Internet to consume the news rather than traditional print media, it is interesting to note that 58 percent of U.S. adults keep up with the 24-hour news cycle on their smartphones. For journalists and brands alike these statistics have a crucial implication– the days of ignoring how your website displays on mobile devices are over. Brands that want to retain their digital audiences will need to optimize their websites to ensure a premier user experience.

No plastic straws at Starbucks? Been there, done that. WeWork ups the ante by banning meat.

Agility PR: New rules of cause marketing—WeWork’s progressive environmental stand

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it has been hard to miss headlines touting the impact millenials and Gen Zers are having on corporate social responsibility. These demographics are urging companies to take sides on cultural and social issues and WeWork is the latest household name to hop on the cause marketing bandwagon. The coworking space titan announced a new internal policy whereby employees are no longer allowed to expense meat products, and red meat, poultry or pork will no longer be included on company menus in an effort to reduce environmental impact. The move is bold, it’s splashy, and it’s a perfect example of how cause marketing will continue to draw eyeballs and support as younger demographics dominate the workplace.

Here Comes The (Colorado) Sun

9NEWS: Colorado Sun surpasses fundraising goal

As a Denver-based public relations firm, you better believe that we’ve been following the story of The Colorado Sun’s entrance into the media landscape closely! Ever since news broke that multiple former Denver Post staffers were launching a reader-supported news outlet, we have been eager to see how this lineup of A-team journalists will continue to transform the industry. This week, the outlet announced they have surpassed their initial fundraising goal. Stay tuned for future updates as we get ready for this new source Colorado news to make its debut in August!

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Caty Carrico


Caty Carrico is an award-winning social media strategist and public relations practitioner at Pushkin Public Relations, a Denver-based PR firm. Her expertise lies in helping brands identify their distinct social media persona and crafting communications strategies that engage target audiences. In her spare time, she can be found eating her way through Denver's restaurant scene or working on her latest DIY project.

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