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There are quite a few Denver PR firms, but Pushkin PR is one of the few that truly specializes in health care public relations.

We have significant experience in healthcare communications, healthcare administration, health policy, healthcare workforce issues, and digital health. For the past 23 years, we have worked with clients in the healthcare industry on a variety of projects and have had a front row seat as the industry has expanded and evolved.

Over the years, we have created campaigns in multiple states to tell the story of an incredible medical device that lets blind people see again, and to recruit a savvy, idealistic primary care workforce; we have developed behavior change and public awareness programs to inform and motivate the public to make healthy lifestyle changes; and we have helped small practices grow and position themselves as thought leaders.

We have developed healthcare PR strategies to educate the public about their rights and the rapidly changing health insurance landscape, and we have managed communications around complex issues such as changes healthcare policy and legislation including changes required by the Affordable Care Act.

Our healthcare PR firm creates campaigns that are multi-faceted; including earned media, paid media, social media, community partnerships, and media partnerships, and each one is tailored to our clients’ specific needs and goals.

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Healthcare PR Frequently Asked Questions

What is healthcare PR?

For healthcare organizations, PR can help raise brand awareness, attract new patients and position healthcare professionals as thought leaders. PR can also help healthcare organizations clarify their most important key messages and tailor those messages to specific target audiences. Strategies may include earned media, paid media, social media, community partnerships, and media partnerships.

Why do hospitals need PR departments?

Public relations departments can help hospitals improve their reputations, position their physicians as thought leaders, attract new patients and activate new revenue streams. For example, a PR campaign can raise the profile of the hospital’s orthopedic surgery department, increase donors for the hospital’s foundation, or raise money for a capital campaign.

How is PR important in maintaining patient relations?

Public relations campaigns help build favorable reputations for healthcare organizations, helping them to attract and retain patients. Patients naturally have a lot of questions. PR can help answer those questions and provide an important context that builds credibility and trust. 

What does a PR person do?

Public relations practitioners help companies build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with their target audiences through strategies including earned media, paid media, social media, community partnerships, and media partnerships. 

What are the reasons for poor PR in a hospital?

When hospitals fail to manage their reputations and build positive relationships with their target audiences, they may suffer from a poor public image. A failure to communicate could be due to neglect or an inclination to become defensive. Either way, the damage can be long-lasting.

What is the importance of public relations in the pharmaceutical market?

Public relations can help pharmaceutical companies reach new audiences, create an engaged audience and improve public perception. 

How do you solve bad customer service?

Working with a PR firm to identify your customer communications journey and pain points can help improve your brand’s customer service experience.