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A social media strategy is another effective way for organizations to tell their stories and authentically interact with their target audiences in real-time.


There are quite a few Denver social media firms, and trying to choose between them can seem overwhelming. At Pushkin PR, we look at social media strategy as an integral piece of public relations. Social media has created more channels through which organizations can share their messages, communicate during a crisis and engage with their audiences.

Through effective social media strategy and community management, you have the unique ability to monitor the conversations of customers, clients, donors and partners, and join in to provide value or contribute information. Social media allows you to listen to your target audiences and better understand their pain points, knowledge gaps and frustrations, so you can craft messages that will resonate and motivate them.

To get the most from social media requires a strategy. That's where we come in. We believe in the power of the various social mediums; however, we know that the only way to be successful online is to be intentional, set goals and track metrics that will inform you how well your message is being received and how often it convinces and converts the desired audience.

Each social platform has its own culture, customs and social media management strategies. Our expertise lies in carefully choosing the outlets best suited for an organization and providing strategies and tactics that take advantage of the merits and functions of each one.

We believe social media and content strategies should be data driven. Our first step is always to audit an organization’s online presence, things like sentiment, chatter and opportunities to engage with key influencers. We analyze the content on your website—on-page search engine optimization, keyword performance and visitor metrics. Learning about the target audiences helps us communicate with them through social channels and shapes our overall public relations strategy.

Use social media correctly, and you can create demand for your products or services; drive traffic to your website; develop a brand personality and connect with key influencers, customers and prospects.


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