Client Collaboration

The relationship is symbiotic. Clients count on us for their success, and our agency would not survive without them.

We work with our clients as partners. We spend time getting to know every client through stakeholder interviews and communication audits. We explore the history, challenges, cultural nuances and voice of each organization as well as the personas of its target audiences.

We do this, so we can create a custom team and cohesive public relations strategy for each client and provide tailored public relations support.

Communications Problem? We can help

We put a communication process in place that allows us to monitor our progress and make adjustments as needed. We develop measurable objectives during the planning process that allow us to evaluate our success by tying our results back to your objectives.

We understand how to work with large organizations representing diverse groups of stakeholders, how to build consensus, to stimulate collaboration and to increase understanding.

Regardless of the program, campaign or project, we believe good communication is the key to building healthy and productive working relationships.

What you can expect from us

Our Partners

For 23 years, Pushkin PR has worked to cultivate relationships within the public relations community. We have several preferred vendors in web development, graphic design, videography, and media buying with whom we work on a regular basis.

This makes it easy for us to create a custom team for each of our client’s and ramp up quickly, as we have pre-established processes in place and can often get a better rate than you might in the open market.

Pushkin PR is also a charter member of Unified Strategies Public Relations (USPR), a nationwide network of public relations and marketing professionals. Born out of a strong desire to provide clients with cost-effective solutions for all their communications needs in every major market throughout North America, USPR links independent companies together to leverage its nationwide power for clients, companies, campaigns, events, initiatives, branding and marketing.

USPR can scale up for regional and national work or scale down for more local campaigns. But it always aims high.