Public Awareness

We help organizations develop specific communication strategies that raise public awareness about important topics, related to physical and mental health, the environment and social issues.

Our local, regional and national public awareness campaigns are designed to educate and motivate target audiences to change their behaviors in positive ways. Like social marketing or behavior change campaigns, public awareness campaigns strive to educate the public about a topic and often to convince them a new behavior has more value than a current one.

Communications Problem? We can help

When we work with clients on public awareness campaigns, we combine the best elements of public relations, social media strategy, brand strategy and behavior change marketing to generate discussion, promote information and encourage people to think about an issues differently.

An effective public awareness campaign requires extensive research about the target audiences. That qualitative and quantitative data allows us to select the best behavior change models and appropriate channels to raise public awareness and  to craft messaging and develop a brand that will resonate with specific populations.

Depending on the goals of a public awareness campaign, we use a variety of communication channels—websites, print and online publications, news outlets and social media and employ a combination of strategies and tactics that include media relations, blogger outreach, content development, video and paid and earned media.