Non Profit Public Relations

Creating non profit public relations strategies requires a tailored approach and experience communicating with multiple stakeholders, such as boards, volunteers, donors and corporate sponsors, as well as the public. With nonprofits, the mission is at the forefront and usually guides the communications strategy, but the message needs to speak to every relevant audience.

non profit public relations

Nonprofits typically have multiple spokespeople who are responsible for sharing the message with the public, potential donors, sponsors, partners and the media. To ensure every spokesperson is on point, we conduct comprehensive message training with anyone who has a touch point outside the organization.

Doing PR for nonprofits, we understand the best ways to stretch a dollar, how to work collaboratively with our clients to leverage relationships with compatible stakeholders and the media, and how to harness the exponential power of social media to extend our reach.

Our technique for nonprofit public relations is effective, and we have had the opportunity to work on many successful campaigns. Let’s talk about what we can do for your organization.

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Nonprofit PR Frequently Asked Questions

What is nonprofit PR?

Public relations campaigns help nonprofits reach new clients, increase donations and develop a public image as a thought leader in their field.

What is the role of the public relations function within a nonprofit organization?

With many different target audiences to reach including potential clients, donors, board members and stakeholders, public relations can help nonprofits identify the best communications strategies to reach these diverse audiences and share the nonprofit’s story with the public.

What is government PR?

Public relations can help government organizations improve their reputations, communicate important information to their constituents and build an engaged audience. Creating a successful public relations campaign for a government agency means reaching numerous audiences, including ethnically diverse populations, non-English speakers and the LGBTQ+ community, among others.

What is the difference between public affairs and government relations?

Think of government relations as helping government agencies communicate with internal audiences such as elected officials and other governmental agencies. Public affairs are more external, including lobbying efforts aimed at educating legislators and public awareness campaigns aimed at educating or persuading citizens through grassroots initiatives.