At heart we are all storytellers, and that’s the essence of what we help clients do. We help them uncover their stories and bring them to life. Every organization has a good story, but not always the time or inclination to uncover it.

Every public relations firm has a story as well - Here’s ours

Jon Pushkin didn’t take the typical professional route to a career in public relations. He learned by doing, working as a musician and concert promoter at the legendary Denver Folklore Center, for the Denver Zephyrs baseball team, and doing PR for several nonprofits that had missions he respected. Early on, he realized the merit of being nimble and how working with a shoestring budget can boost your creativity. He wore a lot of hats and enjoyed it.

The Pushkin Public Relations firm began as a one-man show working with small business and nonprofit clients. One of the firm’s first clients was American WholeHealth, a gig where Jon worked with a team of independent practitioners in multiple markets helping the startup company open integrative medicine practices around the country.

Communications Problem? We can help

Seeing that cooperative, team approach in action inspired him to grow Pushkin PR into a boutique agency with a team of seasoned professionals who each bring a unique set of experiences. He carefully chose people who understand how to collaborate, innovate and who never want to stop learning and improving their craft.

Jon created Pushkin PR to provide clients with the service of a large PR agency without the large fees. For 23 years, our work has been consistently rewarding and earned us recognition from the Colorado Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), Colorado Healthcare Communicators, and the American Marketing Association.

As a public relations firm we have continued to grow, learn and evolve; but we haven’t changed all that much. Public relations is still about the relationships you build with clients, the community, the media and your partners.

At Pushkin PR, we still like wearing a lot of hats, and we'll always love telling our clients' stories.

Our Mission

Pushkin Public Relations was founded on the core values of respect, trust, ethics and integrity with one goal in mind: to make a difference by doing quality work for great clients.

We believe that strong, long-lasting brands are built on these tenets; they guide the way we do business, and we like to work with organizations that feel the same. We believe in authentic, straightforward communication. That means we try to get directly to the heart of the matter and communicate with candor and grace.

Our success is a direct result of the long-term partnerships we develop with many of our clients. We appreciate their experience and welcome their insights, which fosters working relationships based on mutual respect and trust. We understand that every idea is a potential opportunity to help create an enduring positive impression with prospective patients, students, clients, donors or customers.

Are you passionate about your work and the mission of your organization? Then, you are the kind of person we would love to hear from. Contact us and let us know how we can help!