Thursday Three: Brand Crisis Preparation, Healthcare turning to AI and the Internet in a Minute!

Jul 12, 2018


Each week on The Thursday Three with Pushkin PR we share three news stories that captivated our attention during the week ranging from public relations and social media trend updates to relevant news in the industries we serve including healthcare, nonprofits, government and festival clients.

Crises are happening more often and brands are underprepared to manage them

Bulldog Reporter: Despite rising crises, brand PR’s confidence exceeds preparedness

Here’s a jaw dropping statistic for you: eighty percent of organizations worldwide have had to mobilize their crisis management teams within the past two years. However, few organizations actively prepare for these situations by creating crisis communications plans and undergoing simulations and trainings to help prepare for the worst.

As public relations professionals, we’re here with your friendly reminder to dust off that crisis communications plan. If you don’t have one, start building a crisis plan for your organization immediately!

Healthcare leads the pack of industries turning to AI… just not in the way you might imagine

Modern Healthcare: Health systems save money using digital tools for scheduling appointments, administrative work

While using a chatbot to schedule a doctor’s appointment may not be as glamorous as using AI to remotely diagnose conditions, healthcare systems are turning to new forms of technology to achieve cost savings. “Scheduling and other administrative tasks are ripe for cost-cutting through digital tools,” this article exploring the increasing use of technology for administrative purposes states.

We can’t wait to see how our healthcare public relations clients utilize AI in the future to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

What’s in a New York Internet Minute?

Social Media Today: This is What Happens in an Internet Minute [Infographic]


Photo: Cumulus Media 

Sixty seconds may not seem like an exorbitant amount of time but with global connectivity at an all time high, massive amounts of data are being transmitted every minute. Did you know that  each minute, 187 million emails are being sent and 2.4 million snaps are being created on Snapchat?

The big takeaway from these stats surrounding the massive consumption of digital media is that content is king. No matter what industry you’re in, you should have a strong social media and digital marketing strategy to make sure your content stands out in this huge crowd!

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Caty Carrico


Caty Carrico is an award-winning social media strategist and public relations practitioner at Pushkin Public Relations, a Denver-based PR firm. Her expertise lies in helping brands identify their distinct social media persona and crafting communications strategies that engage target audiences. In her spare time, she can be found eating her way through Denver's restaurant scene or working on her latest DIY project.

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