Thursday Three: Instagram Ad Spending Surpasses Facebook, How to Build a Strong Online Brand and Search Engine Marketing Tips

Aug 09, 2018

Each week on The Thursday Three with Pushkin PR we share three news stories that captivated our attention during the week ranging from public relations and social media trend updates to relevant news in the industries we serve including healthcare, nonprofits, government and festival clients.

Facebook Social Media

Instagram Advertising Growth Outpaces Facebook

Marketing Land: Report: Facebook takes a back seat to Instagram as ad spend on the Facebook-owned app grows 177%

As a public relations firm with a dedicated social media strategy team, we can’t overstate the importance of advertising on social media if you’re trying to increase brand awareness and grow your following.

This report offers insight into the latest social advertising spending trends. Instagram ad spend grew 177 percent in the second quarter of 2018 while ad spend on parent company Facebook’s platform increased 40 percent. YouTube also saw significant growth in ad spends, with a 189 percent year-over-year increase.  

How to Build a Brand: Put Trust, Authenticity and Consistency at the Top of the List

Agility PR: 3 branding mistakes most online brands make—and how to avoid them

While these tips are geared toward online business, they’re fundamentals of branding that hold true for businesses in any industry. If you’re building a brand, the big takeaway here is that in order for your audience to trust your brand you need to have a brand voice that is authentic and consistent.

This voice must be carried out throughout your digital and social media presence, customer service interactions and all other areas of your business. Another branding mistake that businesses can make is not connecting with consumers on the right social media channels. The graphic below offers recommendations for the social media channels that companies in a variety of industries should be using to connect with their target markets.

social media platforms for brands

Search Engine Marketing Tips

PR Daily:  6 common search engine marketing mistakes—and how to avoid them

After you confirm that you’re not making any of the branding mistakes in the article above, you’ll want to dive into this article to make sure that your search engine marketing strategy is on point.

Whether you’re struggling to figure out which KPI’s to track for your search engine marketing campaign or are confused about the importance of using negative keywords, this article has several helpful tips to take your search engine marketing efforts to the next level.

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Jon Pushkin


Jon Pushkin is the president and founder of Pushkin Public Relations, a full service Denver PR firm. He likes dogs, baseball and swing, in that order.

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