Case Study

Client: Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation

The Purple Heart Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. The organization provides support to veterans and their families though grants, outreach programs and donations to organizations with programs that help veterans.

Purple HEart

The Challenge

The Purple Heart Foundation’s reputation took a hit when the organization received an “F” from the Charity Rating Guide and Watchdog Report. After making changes to its leadership team and adjusting financial reporting practices, the organization still could not shake the bad rap. They also grappled with an identity crisis —unable to clearly distinguish themselves from the Order or other veterans organizations due to a confusing, inconsistent and stale brand, leaving the foundation unsure how to communicate its brand to the veteran community, the public and potential major donors.

The Purple Heart Foundation hired Pushkin Public Relations to improve its messaging, update its brand identity and create strategies to reach its target audiences.

Communications Problem? We can help

The Solution

We conducted a communication review that included stakeholder interviews, a PR and marketing evaluation and a social media audit that assessed public awareness and sentiment. The review provided a broad perspective of the organization and revealed that it lacked a cohesive brand, suffered from poor internal communication, and had fallen behind on its marketing and public relations activities. We used this information to develop an integrated, multi-channel brand strategy and a new messaging platform.

The Results

During our first year, we sent out two Mat releases that each totaled more than 1,1000 placements around the country. We worked with local media and garnered 658 positive media placements about the Purple Heart’s annual meeting, including placements in The Denver Post, Colorado Public Radio, KOA radio, and an Associated Press story that ran nationwide.

By developing clear, consistent messaging, a cohesive brand image and using storytelling to highlight the virtues of the organization, we have helped the Purple Heart Foundation begin to mend their damaged reputation and reach a new generation of veterans and donors. 

As we begin our second year working with this organization, we are helping them develop a signature program, obtain large donors and national corporate sponsorships and streamline and enhance their online presence.



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