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Pushkin Public Relations has been providing quality public relations services to clients around Colorado and nationally for 20 years. In that time, we have served a variety of well-known clients and cultivated strong relationships with the media. Our public relations practices go beyond the scope of just press releases and press conferences. We serve our clients as much as we can through the following services:

Public Relations

Within our public relations services, we perform a series of ongoing activities to make sure each one of our client is positioned in the media how they desire to be. This includes: media training, which helps clients identify primary spokespeople and train them to effectively represent their organization; media kit and newsroom setup, with necessary materials to help reporters effectively write about and report on the organization; community involvement, helping clients boost morale through participation in community events; writing and editing services to present our clients to the public in the best way possible; media placement, getting our clients’ stories told; and media monitoring, tracking what is being said about our clients, making sure to be proactive when necessary.

Digital Strategy

Otherwise known as social media strategy, digital strategy is an effective way for our clients to tell their stories and interact with their target audiences. At Pushkin PR, we believe social media strategy is an important part of public relations, and when an organization doesn’t make use of this, they’re losing a critical way to build rapport with their target audience and gain exposure. We create a social media strategy for each one of our clients, setting goals, tracking progress, and making adjustments whenever necessary.

Crisis Communications

An integral part of public relations is crisis communications. Crisis communications means being prepared for events that can potentially damage an organization’s reputation. After 20 years in the public relations industry, we have learned that crises are inevitable, and being prepared for them is critical. We help our clients anticipate potential issues and develop responses for each scenario, designate responsibilities for each member of the crisis team, and identify a primary spokesperson for their organization.

Brand Strategy

When it comes to public relations, an organization’s brand is incredibly important. At Pushkin PR, we help our clients reinvigorate brands that need an awakening, or dream up a brand that fully encompasses the organization’s uniqueness.

Some of our many clients include:


With Pushkin PR, our services are tailored specifically to what our clients need. We prioritize and emphasize customization and collaboration to not only make a good client experience, but also deliver amazing results. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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