Snapchat: A New Spin on Engaging Your Audience

Snapchat is one of social media’s newest networking sites and is fast becoming one of the most used apps out there. With over 150 million users daily (and growing), Snapchat reaches roughly 41 percent of 18-34 year olds in the United States alone. This means that a single National Sponsored Geofilter typically reaches 40- 60 percent of those daily users.

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Understand your audience.

Snapchat offers a different type of environment where marketers can reach their audiences. Think of it as casual Friday rather than a Monday morning meeting with your boss.

Grubhub ingeniously engaged with almost every single message it received garnering the highest Snapchat score of any brand (53,668 at that time) and giving it great insight into what type of content its audience was seeking.

Convey your message…fast.

Snapchat, unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has a time limit. Each video or photo posted will never be seen again, so choosing content wisely is a must. Many marketers are finding success with tactics, such as contests or sneak previews of upcoming events or products, because they instantly engage and prompt the user to keep coming back for more.

Get creative.

Snapchat is a great way to make more of an impact than you can with the typical Facebook post or 140 character quip on Twitter. You can give your audience a real look inside your business and show off what is happening behind the scenes… or not happening.

The New York Times continually posts hilarious videos poking fun at its ineptitude for using Snapchat and the writer’s block its employees face, giving its audience a raw behind the scenes feel. Its audience loves the interaction and the personality it gives to the company.

Is it for you?

Communications Problem? We can help

Before diving headlong into using Snapchat as a part of your strategy, take some time to check out what other companies and news outlets have been doing. Play around with the app’s ever expanding filters, geofilters, video recording options, and more.

Dominos UK is no stranger to playing around with all these options and even created an entire Snapchat story series called “Dough to Door,” which its audience loved so much, it saw an increase in orders.

It’s easy to see from just a few of the examples above, how a company could insert some personality into its strategy, and engage customers on a more personal level creating a connection with them like never before.

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Author: Wright Brianna