Thursday Three: Best Crisis Communications Response of 2018, PR Predictions for 2019 and Digital PR Strategies for the New Year

Dec 27, 2018

Each week on The Thursday Three with Pushkin PR we share three news stories that captivated our attention during the week ranging from public relations and social media trend updates to relevant news in the industries we serve including healthcare, nonprofits, government and festival clients.nordwood-themes-1066398-unsplash.jpg

Crisis Communications: KFC Takes the Crisis PR Gold

Agility PR: KFC rolls the dice and strikes crisis-response gold

2019 may almost be here but before the new year arrives, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to revisit our favorite crisis communications response of 2018. When shipping issues left KFC restaurants across the UK without chicken this summer, the brand found itself without a chicken in hot oil (see what we did there?).

The massive chicken shortage left KFC scrambling to come up with a crisis response. They took a risk, reordering the brand’s moniker to read FCK on a series of advertisements accompanied by a heartfelt apology. The apology hit all of the right notes, conveying the misstep, expressing sympathy and giving a promise to do better. For crisis situations that are a bit less serious, this is a great example of how to express remorse while having some fun and keeping customers engaged.

Public Relations: 2019 PR Predictions  

Meltwater: 7 PR Influencers Give Their 2019 PR Predictions & Tips

The public relations industry is constantly in flux, restructuring and adapting following changes in technology, the media landscape and more. Amidst the shrinking number of news outlets and journalists in 2018 we saw organizations finding ways to directly communicate with consumers. We also saw the rise of social influencers wielding their influence and demonstrating the impact they hold over consumer purchasing power.

As the year draws to a close, we’re looking to the trends and changes 2019 will hold for the public relations industry. At Pushkin PR, we are keeping a close eye on the introduction of new technologies that will make it easier than ever to identify target audiences and find the channels where they are active consumers. We’ll also be tracking the evolution of traditional media to determine what channels of communication we should focus on to ensure our clients’ key messages are widely disseminated.

Digital PR: Using SEO and Influencer Relations in Your 2019 PR Strategy

Ragan’s PR Daily: 3 tactics that are essential for PR success in 2019

We’ve talked about the big picture industry trends that will dominate public relations in 2019 but now it’s time to get down to tactics! Digital public relations strategies will be crucial to success in the new year. As you prepare your strategic plan for 2019, you’ll want to be sure you’re including plenty of digital tactics.

We’re particularly excited about how SEO and PR continue to align. As PR pros constantly creating content, we are always careful to include SEO keywords to ensure content is optimized to be searchable and easily discovered. Looking toward 2019, we’re particularly excited to explore new ways to optimize the public relations campaigns we develop for our clients to help them improve their SEO rankings and domain authority.

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Caty Carrico


Caty Carrico is an award-winning social media strategist and public relations practitioner at Pushkin Public Relations, a Denver-based PR firm. Her expertise lies in helping brands identify their distinct social media persona and crafting communications strategies that engage target audiences. In her spare time, she can be found eating her way through Denver's restaurant scene or working on her latest DIY project.

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