Why Nonprofits Need PR

Nonprofit organizations face a variety of challenges that for-profit businesses do not have to worry about — finding quality volunteers, retaining those volunteers, maximizing tight budgets, gaining awareness, fundraising — the list goes on. Nonprofits are often constrained by small teams wearing too many hats, meaning that it can be challenging when the organization looks to increase their brand awareness as developing a public relations strategy, building a digital brand, and executing marketing strategies takes time and specialized knowledge.

When tackling this brand building work, nonprofits can benefit from hiring a PR firm with specialized knowledge of the nonprofit sector and the ability to help execute key marketing, advertising, and public relations strategies.

Here at Pushkin Public Relations, we are a Denver-based team of PR professionals ready to help your nonprofit organization create a strong brand strategy to help tell your organization’s unique story and spread your mission to new audiences. We bring a range of talents to the table, including social media management, media relations, digital strategy, messaging development, and more. Most importantly, in order to ensure that your organization can take ownership of your brand, we will train your staff in these areas as well. Above all, it’s our mission to see you succeed.

Why Nonprofits Need Help From PR Firms

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Finding and Keeping Volunteers

Nonprofit organizations rely on volunteer support, but recruiting new volunteers can be time-consuming. Public relations can build and maintain relationships with community members who can become potential volunteers. By implementing a public relations strategy, your organization will see increases in brand awareness. The strategies that you will use to gain brand awareness are the same strategies that will help your organization reach new audiences and attract new volunteers. With a public relations strategy, you can share your message with new audiences and attract new volunteers that will help you work toward your greater mission.

Raising Awareness

Nonprofits rarely have large advertising budgets. Therefore, they need to rely on more organic methods to get attention. With the help of a PR firm, your organization can earn media coverage in news outlets including local publications, local television, magazines, and more. This will help build trust and recognition within the community, allowing your organization to gain awareness without a hefty budget.


Finding donations for your organization can be a catch-22 — people need to know who you are and what you do before they will donate to your cause. However, without funds to spread the word about your good work it can be hard to reach new donors. A PR firm can help you identify newsworthy stories that will resonate with potential donors who want to learn more about your mission. When people are familiar with your organization’s story and understand that their money will be used for a great cause, they are more likely to donate.

Communications Problem? We can help

Strategy-Driven Success

It’s not uncommon for nonprofit organizations to have an endless list of to-dos. Between programming, fundraising, servicing your constituents and managing volunteers, finding time for strategic communications planning can be difficult. A PR firm can expand your team by adding specialized experts to serve as stewards of your brand and oversee its growth. An experienced PR firm will understand which strategies provide the best opportunities for success while allowing your team to concentrate on what they do best.

Pushkin Public Relations has extensive experience providing PR strategy and implementation for nonprofit organizations. Learn more about our public relations services and call today for a consultation.

Author: Jon Pushkin