Using Content to Build Thought Leadership

Content Marketing

How can you help consumers discover your organization? Everyone has questions about products and services before they make purchase decisions. Content is an excellent way to highlight your industry knowledge and expertise and get in front of people searching the internet for information.

However, if you have ever searched for information online, you know all content is not created equal. So how do you develop content that sets your organization apart?

Lead With Credibility

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Showcase organizational know-how by providing relevant answers to your audience’s questions and concerns. This gives them the answers they are seeking and a view into your key employees’ knowledge and levels of expertise.

For example, a local yoga studio might have instructors create weekly blog posts answering their students’ questions, like how to master difficult poses, how to continue their practice while traveling, or how to eat to promote their health and wellbeing.

Potential patrons searching for answers to these same questions can just read that one answer, or they can click through and read all the posts from a specific instructor to get an idea of their personality and how they teach.

Activate Your Partnerships

Think about replacing sponsorships with partnerships. Consider local organizations with whom you share an audience and could create a mutually beneficial relationship. Then, actively work together to the advantage of your clients and potential clients.

Share your content with partners, and feature their experts’ content on your website. This gives your audience a source for credible information as well as other resources in the community. Have partners share your content across their social media platforms. Determine how you can participate at one another’s events, including sharing experts and content.

For example, a photographer might provide an iPhone photography tutorial for parents at the local daycare to showcase her expertise. The daycare benefits by gaining access to the photographer’s clientele who may show up for the demo. And, the photographer may snag a few new clients as parents come to learn some new skills before picking up the kiddos.

Think Beyond Your Website

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You can also use content as online ads. As a way to drive traffic to your website, pose questions to your experts in Facebook ads, and then link to their answers on your website. Create video ads that share short bursts of information and direct people to your website where they can learn more, sign up for your newsletter, or find out about your products and services.

For example, a law firm might record a short “Did You Know” video ad for YouTube where it explains the most important things to consider when creating a will. It would direct traffic to the website where it features the bios of its estate planning lawyers.

Make Collateral “Refrigerator Worthy”

Stop creating brochures that people browse and then toss. Give your audience something of value that focuses on your organization’s knowledge and expertise rather than your brand.

For example, a pediatrician’s office might provide patients with branded OTC dosage charts or “How to bathe your baby” with an animal wash mitt for new parents. By giving them something they will hang onto, your target audience will think of your organization for weeks and months to come.

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Author: Maribeth Neelis