One of the biggest misconceptions that we face as a public relations firm working across a variety of industries, including healthcare, nonprofits and professional services, is the idea that the media is out to get our clients. The concept of being “on the record” can be intimidating for many people at first and often leads […]

Some nonprofits have it made. They have well-established brands, deep communications teams, and big budgets. They get huge donations and multi-year grants from wealthy donors, foundations, and corporate partners. They have great websites and cool videos, and their spokespeople are the go-to source for the media. For most nonprofits, however, that scenario is far from […]

Media training plays a crucial role in any public relations strategy. Our clients find this service to be especially helpful to ease their anxiety when it comes to speaking with journalists. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing a few of our tips and tricks to help you become more comfortable while giving interviews […]