Thursday Three: Healthcare PR Tips, Millennials have FOMO and Why You Shouldn’t Text Your Co-Workers

Thursday Three

Each week on The Thursday Three with Pushkin PR we share three news stories that captivated our attention during the week ranging from public relations and social media trend updates to relevant news in the industries we serve including healthcare, nonprofits, government and festival clients.

A Few Tips for Those of Us in Healthcare PR

Communications Problem? We can help

Agility PR: 5 confessions of a former healthcare trade publication editor

It’s no secret that journalists receive hundreds of pitches from PR professionals each day. With such a high-volume of content to sift through, we’re always on the hunt for ways to make sure our pitches stand out. We’re fortunate to have a former Rocky Mountain News and Denver Business Journal reporter on our team (Hi, Erika!)  to help with constructing pitches that will get picked up by the media. Whether you’re focused on earning coverage for your medical device company or maybe even your hospital, this article has some great tips to ensure your pitch gets the attention it deserves. First and foremost: make sure that your pitch is always relevant to the reporter and outlet you’re sending it to.

Brands Looking to Attract Millennial Consumers Should Appeal to their Values and FOMO

Agility PR: 5 strategic tips for marketing your brand to Millennials

We’ve spent a lot of time on this blog highlighting the fact that millennials are incredibly cause driven and that they value brands that take sides on social and cultural issues. So it’s no surprise to see experts recommend that companies appeal to millennial values to earn their business. Another tactic that is effective when marketing to millennials? Generating FOMO (fear of missing out). As a demographic that engages with what their friends and acquaintances are doing in real time via social media, appealing to this generation’s fear of being left out by creating limited edition products and experiences is a solid marketing play.

Communications Problem? We can help

Want to Avoid a Crisis Communications Situation? Text Wisely.

CNBC:4 things to consider before sharing your phone number with a co-worker

As crisis communications experts, we are often hired to help organizations manage situations that can damage the company’s reputation. In several instances we have managed situations that could have been avoided by exercising discretion when communicating with colleagues. The rate at which people communicate with co-workers via text message has risen dramatically in recent years. However, this informal communication opens workers and companies up to new liabilities. Use these tips to avoid a situation that could end in your organization needing to hire a crisis PR firm.

Author: Caty Carrico