Pushkin Pr is Denver Public Relations

To be heard, understood, and remembered your
message must be clear, relevant and timely.

We help clients discover the right messages and
communicate them to the right audiences at the right time.
We are a Denver PR Firm specializing in helping clients
find their voice and elevate their brand awareness in
Denver, Colorado and nationally.

Would you rather be a well kept secret or a highly regarded expert?

Do you wonder why your organization is a well-kept secret while your competitor seems to get all the attention? Or why some experts are consistently quoted in the media while you keep waiting for the phone to ring? Maybe it’s because you don’t know how to uncover your story and bring it to life. That’s where we come in. That’s what we do.

Rock Solid Results...

Let’s face it, the bottom line is results. While we can’t promise you the cover of TIME, we can promise personalized service, ethical conduct, a strategic approach, and rock solid results.

We are a highly experienced
Colorado Public Relations Firm
providing Denver Public
and Denver Media
to help clients present
their stories and public image.

Breaking News

Pushkin PR selected by Medical Simulation Corporation

Medical Simulation Corporation selected Pushkin PR to develop a public awareness campaign about sepsis, the third leading cause of death in the U.S. after heart disease and cancer. Sepsis happens when the immune system goes into overdrive in response to an infection. It is a life threatening condition that can lead to multiple organ failure and death if not recognized early and treated promptly. Medical Simulation Corporation provides programs and training to help hospital teams improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of health care delivery.

Purple Heart Foundation Selects Pushkin PR

The Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation selected Pushkin PR to develop a national brand awareness campaign including media relations, social media, and community relations. The organization is the fundraising engine for the Military Order of the Purple Heart, a congressionally chartered veterans organization that provides support and assistance for combat wounded veterans and their families.

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