6 Questions To Ask a Potential PR Firm

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Public Relations Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When it comes down to it, the face of your business should reflect a well-thought-out public relations strategy. This is what shapes an organization’s image and communicates a brand’s values voice, and message. Business owners invest a lot of time, money and sweat in building their organization from the ground up. They are passionate about their brand but they often don’t have the time to understand how it is being presented to the public and even to the members or employees of their business.

A single message that is poorly communicated could be easily misunderstood by the target audience, causing them to misinterpret what an organization’s brand really stands for. That’s where a PR firm can really help. The right right agency can help a brand accurately communicate its identity, mission, belief, voice, and message. So how can you ensure that you’re engaging the right PR firm for your company’s needs?

At Pushkin PR, we approach each client by seeking to fully understand their objectives and unique challenges before creating a strategy or beginning a campaign. We work with a range of industries, including healthcare companies and non-profit organizations. If you could use an experienced, creative team of Denver-based PR pros, we’d love to hear from you.Get in touch with our team today.

6 Questions to Ask a Potential PR Firm

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How is the PR industry changing and how do you expect to stay ahead?

The PR and social media landscape is constantly changing, sometimes faster than we can even keep up. How are people getting their information? What sources do people trust most for their news…mainstream media, social media, messaging apps…? How do “influencers” fit into the mix? PR firms need to be aware of how people are communicating and sharing information and which outlets they trust the most (trends show that more people trust local TV news than national media).

Public Relaions Services

The PR agency you select should have a good understanding of how the public relations industry is changing, and be nimble enough to proactively adapt according to a client’s specific challenges.

What services does your agency provide?

Why would you hire a PR firm that can’t do what you need them to do? Even with a highly qualified and experienced agency, if they don’t offer a digital PR strategy, for example, the firm and your business won’t be successful. If you are in healthcare, look for an agency that has healthcare experience and provides the range of services your organization needs. Look for an agency that is capable of understanding your challenges and has the capability to address them.

Who will I be working with?

It may sound obvious, but public relations is still about relationships. A successful client/agency relationship depends on good communication. The more closely a PR firm can work with an organization, the better job it can do of helping the organization tell its story. Before hiring an agency, ask if you will have a specific team or people that you will be working with. Ask about their experience and how they measure success. You will also want to know how often you will be in contact with them. When a crisis arises, who is the main point of contact?

What do you need from us?

Public relations is an ongoing strategy that should never remain stagnant. Information and ideas should be shared consistently and collaboration between PR agency and an organization is key when it comes to correctly relaying a brand identity. Whether it’s launching a new brand or helping a CEO prepare for a presentation, learn up front what the agency needs from you to help your new PR firm be successful.

Why are you excited to work with us?

Communications Problem? We can help

There’s no doubt that business owners are passionate about their brand and message, so you should want a PR firm that has the same level of passion and drive. Ultimately, if you get the impression that they are only interested in working with you because of your budget, you may not want them representing you. The agency should want every client to feel like it is their best client. Public relations is about honesty and integrity, and if an agency isn’t honest about why they want to work with you, they may not be the right firm for you.

How do you measure success?

Whether it’s the number of people following your Facebook page, the number of patients at your hospital, or the public’s opinion of your organization after a crisis management campaign, a results-driven public relations company will have methods for monitoring success. You can create your own metrics, you can work together with the firm, or you can use metrics that already exist, but a priority for any agency should be to see both qualitative and quantitative results.

Developing a brand identity and creating a strategy for communicating that brand is a lofty goal. It can take time and a lot of hard work, but with the right Denver PR firm, your business will have a voice that is unmistakable.

Pushkin PR is passionate about doing great work for great clients. We can bring a talented team of experts to your table. Learn more about our public relations approach and call us today for a free consultation.

Author: Jon Pushkin