Case Study

Client 101010

The Challenge

Venture generator 10.10.10 brings together 10 serial entrepreneurs to tackle 10 wicked problems in different subject areas over 10 days. The nonprofit engaged Pushkin PR to help them drive buzz around the program and attract attendees.

To maintain an aura of suspense, 10.10.10 does not reveal the serial entrepreneurs or the Wicked Problems they will tackle in advance of the event. With our lips sealed, our team of PR experts had to get a little bit creative with our media pitches and social media planning to secure coverage without revealing the program’s biggest secrets. With only one month to get things underway, we hopped into action to develop a media relations and digital strategy to promote the event.

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The Solution

In order to avoid revealing any information about the program before the launch event, we focused on media pitches that told the story of 10.10.10’s growth and evolution, along with a few pitches about key problems the entrepreneurial community was facing related to 10.10.10’s work.

On social media we used the secrecy to our advantage by creating a social media campaign that provided clues about the wicked problems that had been selected by 10.10.10 and encouraging followers to engage by responding to hints with their best guesses.

The Results

Our team secured multiple media placements about the program, raising awareness within the Denver and entrepreneurial communities and helping drive a sold-out grand finale. Bylined article opportunities helped further establish 10.10.10’s leadership team as thought leaders within Colorado’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The social media strategy we developed included live streaming the Big Reveal and Grand Finale on Facebook. It was highly impactful, increasing 10.10.10’s reach on Facebook by 6,966 percent and engagement by 7,750 percent. On Twitter, impressions increased by 557 percent and mentions of the brand increased by 355 percent.

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