Issues That Healthcare PR Can Help Manage

Healthcare Public Relations

As a Denver healthcare PR firm, we found it surprising and somewhat amusing when the current occupant of the White House recently wondered, who knew healthcare could be so complicated? Anyone who works in healthcare knows that the industry faces many complex challenges, especially in today’s political environment. Faced with this challenging landscape, it is essential for healthcare companies to provide clear, consistent, steady, and reassuring messaging to patients, providers, and other stakeholders.

At Pushkin Publish Relations, we create communications strategies that help healthcare organizations build a trustworthy reputation, demonstrate honest character, and communicate that every decision is based on having the best interests of their patients at heart. Our experienced team of healthcare PR pros can help you stay ahead of any challenges or issues that pose a potential roadblock to your success.

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As the new year starts, here are some of the biggest challenges the healthcare industry faces and how a healthcare public relations agency can help your organization navigate these issues.

The Cost of Care

Nothing is more concerning, more complex, or a bigger threat to hospitals, insurance carriers, regulatory agencies, patients, and providers than the rising cost of healthcare. Hospitals are under the gun for sky-high prices, health insurance premiums go up by double digits each year, drug prices in the U.S. are much higher than in other countries, families are choosing between groceries or health insurance, employers are searching for ways to keep employees healthy and on the job, and uncertainty about the Affordable Care Act creates anxiety for consumers, providers, payers, and elected officials. Each change that occurs within the healthcare ecosystem creates more confusion and frustration. A public relations firm can help organizations participate in conversations about the changing nature of healthcare, establish their thought leadership, and educate or reassure target audiences by serving as a trusted source of reliable information. A proactive PR strategy can ensure that patients understand what they need to know and how the impact of any changes within the regulatory field will affect your organization’s ability to deliver cost-effective care. A successful PR strategy will allow companies to provide information that is easily accessed and easy to understand.

The Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis threatens communities across the country, both urban and rural. How would your organization respond if the public blamed you for contributing to the crisis or not doing enough to address it? Is your crisis communications plan up-to-date and are you prepared to deal with this scenario? Or do you need an effective public relations strategy to communicate directly to the community how your organization is helping to address the opioid crisis? If your healthcare organization wants to be the first choice when it comes to opioid treatment or pain management, you need to be a trusted source of information. If your government agency plays a leading role in designing healthcare policy, you need to communicate to a range of stakeholders how you plan to manage this growing crisis. A healthcare PR firm can help you develop a strategic communications plan or campaign to make sure you are telling the right story to the right audience at the right time.

Data Breaches

Communications Problem? We can help

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations face serious risk from cybersecurity threats and are among the top targets when it comes to data breaches. Personal information such as phone numbers, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, date of birth, health conditions, insurance, financial information, and more can be leaked. If a breach occurs, the damage that is caused to the organization’s reputation can be far worse than just a loss of revenue. Even though many companies believe that they are protected against a data breach, there is always the potential that an unforeseen crisis situation can arise, making it all the more important to have a healthcare public relations agency on your side and a crisis plan ready to address any potential issues.

Disaster Preparation

Whether it’s forest fires, flooding, or extreme snowstorms, Denver has its share of natural disasters, and the healthcare industry needs to be prepared for any scenario. Public relations firms can help provide local organizations with a thorough plan of how they will be present when their community needs them the most.

At Pushkin Public Relations we have an experienced team of healthcare public relations professionals who understand the unique needs of healthcare organizations and what it takes for them to become a trusted and successful presence in their community. Our industry knowledge and public relations expertise allows us to provide a variety of perspectives, strategies, and tactics that will ensure your brand and organization is represented as a strong, respected, and reputable leader within the healthcare industry.

Author: Jon Pushkin