What is a Boutique PR Agency?

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Despite not knowing exactly what you should expect from a PR agency, you may have been told you should hire one. If you’re organization is looking to increase brand awareness, reach new clients or improve your reputation, a boutique  PR agency may be able to help. 

Boutique PR Agency

What does a PR agency do?

PR agencies are different from marketing and advertising agencies. Although we sometimes use paid media strategies like ad buying to promote a business, PR agencies primarily help clients reach their target audiences through earned media coverage like broadcast segments, news articles and more.  Then we leverage that coverage through social media and other communication channels to help clients establish their thought leadership and build credibility for their brand.  

Typically, PR agencies help organizations:

  • Improve public opinion 
  • Offer counsel on the best ways to uses media coverage to reach new clients 
  • Boost brand awareness by reaching new audiences on a variety of platforms

What Services does a Public Relations Agency Offer?

Boutique agencies are typically smaller and more nimble than larger agencies. They often have deep experience in certain industries. For example, at Pushkin PR we specialize in healthcare, nonprofits, law firms and crisis communications. Boutique agencies can offer many of the same services that larger agencies offer, but at a more competitive price, and with more hands-on access to senior level professionals.

  • Media training: These are sessions that can help your clients identify spokespeople and coach them on how to successfully give media interviews filled with your key messages. 
  • Authorship: Thought leadership articles help to build a credible reputation for your executives and company. A boutique PR agency will help draft thought leadership articles and op-eds. They’ll also help you place these articles in relevant media outlets that your target audience already pays attention to. 
  • Media kit and newsroom: Preparation of media kits containing FAQs, executive profiles, logos and other valuable media resources.
  • Media placement: Well-timed and placed stories to get your message out to the world. 
  • Community relations: Helping to secure opportunities for community involvement and sponsorship to support nonprofit organizations. This strategy helps build goodwill with your target audience and increase brand awareness. 
  • Media monitoring: Understanding what your target audience thinks of your organization will help you to understand areas for improvement. Media monitoring can also help you identify negative news articles and social media chatter to address before it becomes a problem. 

Boutique PR Agency vs. Large PR Agency

There are many differences between a boutique PR agency and a large PR agency. The first being you have direct access to the CEO. Rather than working with junior level account managers you will have direct access to senior staff and strategists, often providing a better experience and results. 

Similar to staying in a boutique hotel versus a large commercial property, there is a personal touch added to all the work that is done. This work is also done by a very small and specifically selected team that has in-depth knowledge of your industry and goals.  

You can also expect a boutique PR team to be very flexible and able to quickly pivot to address your needs. On top of that, even if you do not have a huge budget, a boutique PR team is able to develop a personalized plan to help you meet your goals without breaking the bank. 

To summarize, the advantages of working with a boutique agency include:

  • Services that are more personalized
  • A team that is more experienced 
  • A PR firm that specializes in your industry
  • An agency that is designed to be flexible and innovative
  • Fees that are more cost effective 

Finding the Right Boutique Public Relations Agency

If you are searching for a PR team, going with a Boutique PR Agency might be the best choice to ensure you get the hands-on attention your organization needs at the right cost. Learn more about our approach by clicking here or explore our many awards and reviews such as the ones through Design Rush: