Case Study

Client: CentraSight

VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies is a Silicon Valley medical device company that makes a telescope implant. The device is an integral part of a treatment program for macular degeneration called CentraSight. It literally restores sight to the blind.

The Challenge

The company needed a PR plan to drive patients to doctors, hospitals and universities around the country that were among the first to offer this groundbreaking surgical treatment.  

The challenge was that the dramatic results from the treatment only became obvious several months after the surgery, when the patients completed their post-op therapy that trained their eyes to see with the telescope implant.

Communications Problem? We can help

The Solution

We conducted stakeholder interviews and industry research that helped us understand the specific challenges and opportunities this client faced, which allowed us to create a tailored strategy and PR tool kit focused on targeted regional markets. 

Pushkin PR teamed with our Sage Public Relations Group colleagues to develop a 10-step communications plan that included:

The Results

We secured more than 100 positive media placements for CentraSight in 33 regional markets including Denver, LA, San Diego, Sacramento, St. Louis, Austin, Dallas, Seattle, Minneapolis, Florida, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC. The media placements resulted in hundreds of calls and website visits from prospective patients. 

Even an innovative, successful technology like CentraSight requires some help making its way into the limelight. With this comprehensive public relations strategy, we have helped the company earn the recognition it deserves and educated macular degeneration patients about an option that can radically improve their quality of life.