Media training plays a crucial role in any public relations strategy. Our clients find this service to be especially helpful to ease their anxiety when it comes to speaking with journalists. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing a few of our tips and tricks to help you become more comfortable while giving interviews […]

Back when I was a touring musician, we were on our way from a gig in Key West to our next stop in New England. We were on a dark stretch of highway just about to the Florida-Georgia line. I popped Ry Cooder’s Bop Til You Drop album into the cassette player and just as the song Trouble […]

We have all seen the footage on the nightly news of Elizabeth Warren berating Wells Fargo Chief John Stumpf while he stammers explanations, excuses and apologies. The more he talks, the more he seems to fuel public outrage and skepticism. For a quick lesson in crisis communications, we turn to Pushkin PR founder and public […]

If you live in Colorado, or have flown Frontier through Denver International Airport lately, you’re probably aware of the company’s troubles with a new passenger-management system after outsourcing 1,160 below-ramp and customer-service positions at DIA. A deluge of customer complaints against Frontier Airlines has the Better Business Bureau taking a closer look at the airline’s rating. […]