Introducing the Thursday Three with Pushkin PR

Pushkin Posts Thursday Three

Part of our job as PR pros is always being in the know about the latest happenings around Colorado and here in Denver, staying up-to-date on public relations and digital strategy trends and marveling at all the cool work our clients are doing.

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To help us keep you, our loyal blog readers, in the loop we’re excited to introduce the Thursday Three. Every Thursday we’ll share three things that caught our eye over the past week. This weekly roundup will be filled with interesting tidbits including news about the latest PR and social media trends, updates on exciting projects our clients are working on and articles we couldn’t read quickly enough. There may even be the occasional cute animal video (hey, we’re human too!)

If there is a topic in the healthcare, nonprofit, government or festival industries (our areas of PR expertise) you’d like to learn more about or see featured on our blog, drop us a line– we’re open to your suggestions!

Without further ado, we present the first ever Thursday Three with Pushkin PR!

Be gone, Writer’s Block!

PR Daily: 6 resources to inspire content

Whether it is a crisis communications plan, press release or social media strategy, as communications experts, we spend a lot of time cranking out content. We are definitely not immune to the occasional case of writer’s block, so we love any tips we can turn to on the days when the words won’t flow!

Colorado Division of Insurance Releases New Video About How they Help Coloradans

Youtube: Colorado Division of Insurance Explainer: How we help with your health insurance questions

We love working with clients in the healthcare industry and the Colorado Division of Insurance is no exception! Our team of healthcare public relations professionals was thrilled to see this new video series that takes the complex work the folks at the Colorado Division of Insurance do and breaks it down into an easy to understand format. Simple graphics and straightforward language is often a great way to connect with your audience and communicate detailed content into an easily digestible format. This video does just that with a few funny moments thrown in too!

Communications Problem? We can help

Love emojis? There’s a convention for people like you!

Fast Company: Emojicon is coming to New York, and it’s the ~fire~ of the summer

When used properly in a social media post or text message, we love a good emoji! Did you know that there is a very complicated process for getting a new emoji included in the emoji library? This fun read sheds some light on how Emojicon is working to make emojis more accessible and diverse.

Author: Caty Carrico